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Audio Description in
3 Easy Steps

Audible Sight interface in a computer monitor over a white background
a portion of the Audible Sight interface showing the review audio descriptions tab highlighted

Tailored for non-technical users without specialized skills, Audible Sight removes the need for accessibility contractors, including writers, voice actors, and video editors.


Audible Sight swiftly dissects videos into discrete scenes and generates textual depictions from the visual content. 

You choose which scenes to describe by simply clicking the checkmark to include them.

You may edit the descriptions by clicking and typing in the text box.  Yes it really is that easy!

Review Audio Descriptions

the Audible Sight interface showing the Review audio descriptions screen



Edit timing & position

An intuitive, visual representation of your video shows you where your new audio descriptions fit in between the existing dialogue.

You may move their default position or group several descriptions using drag-and-drop.

Click play to watch a preview of your video with audio description!

The Audible Sight interface showing the edit timing and position screen

Voice settings & export

Audible Sight includes 25 voices with various styles and accents to suit the tone of your video.

Select one you like and export your new audio described video file (.mp4).

The Audible Sight interface showing the voice settings screen

When you're done, Audible Sight creates a new .mp4 file of your video with extended audio description.  You can upload this file to YouTube, embed it in a PowerPoint, or use it any way that you use your original video.


Our easy-to-use toolset is just the beginning.

Our objective is to build an AI system that delivers 95% accuracy in real time, cost-effectively, and without the need for specialized skills. Users can easily edit the descriptions to near-perfect accuracy. This paradigm mirrors closed captioning, in which automated systems achieve 95% accuracy and then the user refines the captions.

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