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AudibleSight was formed by a team of technologists from the media and education fields. Over the last 30+ years, they have dedicated their careers to enriching the lives of others through technology.


Making audio description ubiquitous

The current method to manually create AD video was built for the entertainment industry. It’s not scalable or priced to suit the rapidly growing body of work in the information, education, and social platform domains. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and limited by the number of accessibility contractors who have the requisite skills to create AD video. 

Our objective is to drive up the number of AD videos to a substantial degree by automating the creation of AD content using AI.  By training an AI algorithm that is optimized for the creation of quality audio description, that is realistic. The same type of rapid adoption happened with closed captioning when that process was automated. 

Man Using Braille Keyboard
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Ken Rybarczyk

Founder & CEO

Obsessed with improving lives through technology I am dedicated to AI for good and making the world a more accessible place.

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Braille Inscription in Railing
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