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Make the world more accessible one video at a time


Accessibility for All

Audible Sight is a computer vision application for content creators that rapidly adds audio description to any video, ensuring Section 508, WCAG and ADA compliance.


Our vision is to open a universe of video content that is currently inaccessible for visually impaired persons, by making audio description as ubiquitous as closed captioning is for the hearing impaired.

A blind woman uses her phone while wearing earbuds

Designed for non-technical users

Traditional methods for producing AD require an experienced AD writer, a voice actor, and a video editor. Audible Sight leverages the recent advances in AI to democratize the process. It’s designed for content creators and administrators who curate videos. No technical skills are required.

A middle aged man wearing black glasses, a casual blue shirt and headphones is working at a computer.
Audible Sight interface in a computer monitor over a white background.

AI-Enabled Automation

Within minutes, Audible Sight will break any video into scenes and generate text descriptions from the visuals. You can edit the descriptions and move them using drag-n-drop. ​

Section 508, WCAG, ADA compliance 

Audible Sight inserts the selected descriptions into the video using synthetic text-to-speech, and inserts small still-frame pauses between scenes to make space for the descriptions. This is called “Extended Audio Description,” which is an industry standard.

A futuristic drawing of a concept car with concentric circles on the ground where the wheels touch the ground.
Extended AD logo
A sample voice selection from the Audible Sight interface

"A drawing of a concept car with an oversized windshield and full-length moon roof radiates concentric circles from the tire locations"


A different approach, using a new method.

In a world dominated by platforms like YouTube, EdX, and TikTok, in which videos have become the preferred mode of self-directed learning and a key source of information, education, and social interaction, our groundbreaking technology ensures that individuals with visual impairments will not be left behind. Our innovation empowers this underserved group to fully participate, unlocking their full potential across education, employment, and self-reliance.

Audio-described version from Audible Sight

Original video

Video courtesy of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Mosio Media

Audible Sight in Action

Hearing is believing


We are committed to involving visually-impaired advocates in the development of Audible Sight.


Los Angeles, CA

"This is a game changer"


Little Rock, AR



Santa Barbara, CA

"AI enables rapid audio description"

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